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Not My Day Job charity performance 2014 performed by Amy Perkinson. All proceeds benefited Fourth Arts Block, the Greenwich House and Urban Arts Partnership in New York City.  Music by Ki:Theory "Stand By Me".

"Bound and Determined" is a dance piece consisting of multiple dancers connected by various parts of their bodies with fabric. Dancers explore movement while being connected as one unit.  Obvious limitations become invisible during the progressions of the piece.

Original Live Music Played by Burden of Vision Musicians Ryan Rosenberry and Sean Winburn. Performance at Woodruff Park, Atlanta, Georgia.

"Intrinsic Amusement" explores movement in water.  This environmental piece focuses on the surroundings of the dancer for timing and sound.  "Intrinsic Amusement" was performed to promote an upcoming performance by Paul Taylor Dance Company in Atlanta, Georgia at The Rialto Center For the Arts.

"The High Project" is an experimental collaboration between one dancer and two local abstract artists while creating a three-dimensional canvas. While the artwork is painted live, the artists and dancer explore the connection between the movement and overall development of the performance piece. The canvases being used have elasticity allowing the dancer as well as the artists the freedom to move within the actual material.

This performance took place at The High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia.

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