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Second Annual Artist Showcase at The Barns!

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The Second Annual Artist Showcase at The Barns!

We are happy to announce that applications for THE SECOND ANNUAL ARTIST SHOWCASE AT THE BARNS are now being accepted.  The application deadline is Sunday, November 4, 2018, at midnight EST.  Late submissions will not be accepted.  This showcase is taking place at THE BARNS OF KANAK in Prince George, Virginia.  We are accepting VISUAL ARTS and PERFORMING ARTS, including FASHION DESIGNS.  Applicants may submit up to 3 performance pieces, art installations, or collections.  Each submission requires a separate application and application fee of $25.00.  This application fee is nonrefundable and must be paid at the time of the application, or the application will not be accepted.  Please note that all applications must be filled out at once and cannot be saved or revisited. 

THE SECOND ANNUAL ARTIST SHOWCASE AT THE BARNS is an interactive platform for artists to present their work to a broader audience in an informal setting.  Artists applying must keep in mind that production elements are minimal yet professional.  This helps with changing over from one performance to another.  Changeover time is limited, allowing more time for additional artists to showcase their work.  Changing areas are available but will be shared.  All artists must be available for load in and tech Friday, April 5th (Times TBD), and all day Saturday, April 6th, 2018, for The Second Annual Artist Showcase (unless otherwise specified).  All items brought in must be removed after the event.  The Barns of Kanak must be restored by the end of strike.

This showcase is an opportunity for artists to broaden their audience and fan base at minimal cost.  Artists will be able to present their work, set up promotional displays, and sell works and/or promotional items during this event.  Attendees/Guests will have the opportunity to move amongst the presentations and displays; engaging in open dialogue with artists and performers.  Multiple performances will be presented simultaneously throughout the event offering different experiences for each attendee/guest. The selection process for all performers, presentations and display booths includes submission of the following application accompanied along with the $25.00 fee.  Results will be emailed to each applicant by the end of  November 2018.  Thank you for your interest in this exciting up and coming Showcase! Please contact us here for any additional questions.

Name *
If you are representing an organization or business, please list it here.
Address *
Phone *
Please include the best phone number for contact purposes only.
Please give a brief bio below.
If you have a website, please list it here.
Please choose the genre that best describes your submission.
Please list the title of what you are submitting. If you are displaying a collection of artwork that is untitled, please list this below. If you are submitting fashion items for a fashion show, please list the title of the collection if applicable.
Please give the exact length of your performance. Pieces must be at least 10 minutes long, but no longer than 30 minutes total. If you are not submitting a performance, please put N/A.
Works in Progress may be submitted but must be clean and ready to present in front of a live audience. Rehearsal footage will be required for submission.
Please give a brief overview of what is being submitted. No more than 250 words.
Audience Restrictions *
Although this event is open to all ages, avant-garde and progressive pieces are being considered. To make proper arrangements and placement, please check all that apply to your submission. All restrictions must be disclosed during the application process to be considered.
What equipment is required to make your submission successful? Please list all requirements below. Professional dance flooring, sound equipment for playback, mics (depending on the amount needed), and basic equipment will be supplied. If your submission requires an area for quick costumes changes, please note that here. You may be required to supply your own equipment depending on your needs. Lighting equipment is minimal. If you have specific needs for lighting, please list that as well. Any visual artists must come prepared to display work or installations without altering the space provided. The space provided must be left as it was upon arrival.
Are you using music for your submission? *
Check all that apply. All music must be original or a license must be acquired to legally perform use this music. No exceptions are permitted.
Please list all music being used here. Please include the Title of the song along with the Artist. If music is not being used, please put N/A.
Please list the number of people you are bringing to make this submission successful. This includes yourself if you are participating. You will be responsible for any person you bring with you. This is required for Visual and Performing Arts submissions.
Within the Virginia area during the last 6 months.
Weather permitting, we would like to have some applicants placed around the outside area as well.
Please include the exact amount of pieces being displayed. Any display racks, tables, etc must be supplied and loaded in Friday, April 5th during the allocated time slot. Any equipment must not alter or damage, any of the space being used for the display. Mounting to the walls, floors, ceilings will not be permitted. Performances not using visual art, please put N/A.
All items must be yours and you must own the rights to anything displayed. Tables will not be provided for you and space may be limited. If you are submitting fashion items, they must be your designs. Racks for clothing items will not be supplied. Changing areas are available but limited.
You must own the rights to items being sold. You are responsible for all transactions taking place. You must come prepared with a cash bank for accepting cash transactions and the exchange of change. If you are accepting credit cards, you must have a credit card processing system for your transactions. The Barns of Kanak and Harper Continuum Dance Theatre, Inc. are not responsible for items or funds lost, damaged or stolen. Please have a secure way to make transactions.
Please include a link to Vimeo, YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox or your website for exact footage of your submission. This may not be edited to show cuts in sequence. This footage must be exactly as it is being performed and with the participating performers. If you are submitting visual art, you must include a link to what you are submitting. Make sure the link works and permission is allowed for viewing. This is required for performing arts.
Please include a link to a Google Drive, Dropbox folder with the exact audio files being used in your submission. These files must be exactly as are being performed. Make sure the link works and permission is allowed for viewing and downloading. If the music is being performed live, please submit a recording of the music being played or a video of it being played. This is required if you are using music.
This website link can be linked to a private folder to show photography, fashion, other visual arts being submitted or for performing artists to show previous works. Please make sure all links work and permissions for viewing are accepted. This is required if you are submitting visual arts and have not submitted a video.
If you would like to be included in promotional materials, please submit a link to a Google Drive or Dropbox folder here. Please make sure all submitted items are high quality.
Please list creators, performers, music, etc along with a brief description of your submission for promotional purposes. Space is limited, so please, no more than three sentences. This description may be edited or reduced based on printing and available space.
Please include your Facebook and or Instagram information below. This is for promotional purposes only.
Would you like to donate an item or service for the Silent Auction? If so, please list it here.
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